Notification of Intention

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Notification of Intention

Post by MRK02 on Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:28 pm

To: The Mathematician
Dear Mathematician

Firstly I state my base intention to become apart of your specific equation. I understand this correspondence effects all calculations in amongst itself as everything is apart of the grand equation but alas it is beyond me and I feel it is a non issue as it is all 'data' in the end.

My chain of data is honestly short, referencing the data post being told of the grand equation. I have focused my skills on nothing beyond what I felt like doing along with a fellow 'Free Radical'. I intend to find more about the world hidden behind this veil in time but for now follow the Dragon's directions to the letter.

Although that in itself means I do as I wish.

I will briefly mention my discovery of this world, I was effectively awakened to the secret world by that of the Illuminati. An unskilled recruit and possibly only a supporter of the Illuminati. Basically I was preparing a case late into the night and used the evidence, a loaded pistol to defend myself. I fled into hiding, which honestly is as I see now 'impossible' but I was found by the dragon long before anything...except what I feel is some PTSD.

I feel I am writing this too personal for that of a Mathematician but I digress I wish to become a Variable rather then a Radical.

From: "MRK02"

((Newish player wanting to spend some time role-playing on the weekends and after work. Australian timezone might be a bonus or hindrance but essentially I don't mind if you are not the most active Cable I simply like your style.))


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