Introduction to the Recursive Derivation.

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Introduction to the Recursive Derivation.

Post by Santiak on Thu Aug 23, 2012 2:08 am

The Dragons coil loops in on itself.
It walks the Möbius strip and lives in manifold space.
It sees all things, understands all things, knows all things, even itself,
and we are it's scales.


The words came like whispers at first. Mute in the silence but as you passed through the crowd it crawled slowly into the back of your mind. A message so soft it felt as though it were spoken in your voice. The words birthed of your own thoughts. With the constant need to remind yourself that those words don't belong to you, and the sudden urge to find out who does own them, you set yourself down and begin to scrawl the whispers. Given form they read:


The definition of "result" is: A consequence, effect, or outcome.

A single step forward is progress. Forward motion towards a goal. However, to qualify result, that action must be reiterated. Constant repetition taking into account the modified scenario every individual step must contend with. It is the culmination of this repetitive process that achieves results.

We are Dragon. We craft models of systems from what knowledge we have. But knowledge is a perishable commodity. The world turns, the wind blows, the water flows. Every instant negates what is known of the instant before. What is now, was not then. Will not be for long. Knowledge must be constantly validated. Constantly modified. Constantly learned.

We are the Recursive Derivation. We are the result of a system run a million times. A single model set to loop itself. An equation that feeds its own variables with the product of its last iteration. We run the test, gather the data, apply what we've learned, modify accordingly, and repeat. Our knowledge is instantaneous. Our facts are current. We do not accept the outdated understanding of the hour prior.

We are the Recursive Derivation. We are the results of a system set to loop itself. Feeding our own variables with the product of our last iteration. We run the model, gather the data, apply what was learned, modify accordingly, and repeat.

We are the Recursive Derivation. We are the ever evolving results of a million systems running simultaneously and looping infinitely.

We are the Recursive Derivation.

We are Dragon.


The voice in your head whispers, "Listen carefully, for while this breath is eternal the words it carries have already begun to decay..." What follows are simple instructions. Ones that, if followed, will insert you into the equations of a Syndicate dedicated to producing results.



The Recursive Derivation is a Dragon Syndicate housed on Arcadia ((but any Dragon is welcome in its equations. We are an RP Cabal. What this means? Cabal chat is a private communication channel patched in through your smart phone. ((That means it's IC)). We are dedicated to the Dragon ideals and the constant feed of results to the Dragons many systems running throughout the world. The majority of our actions take place outside the safety of the city and in the grit of The Secret World.

We run many models simultaneously and welcome more to be tested at will. We welcome talkers, explorers, questers, dungeon crawlers, PvPers, and whatever other -ers there are to be had.

Bottom Line: We provide a resource. The most valuable commodity to any Dragon: manpower. Without it a system cannot run. A model, no matter it's make, requires input to produce a result. This guild is an offering of people and resources to run your model whenever, wherever, however. We ask only you put it all that you are free to take out.

If you're interested or have more questions feel free to contact either ULFRIC or Santiak.

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