Stationary Target (pistol/elemental) <Single Target>

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Stationary Target (pistol/elemental) <Single Target>

Post by ULFRIC on Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:09 pm

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The Cold Shoulder is a combat system that functions under the formula of keeping your enemy at a distance. It's response values (passives) are triggered by critical hits. The employed skill set (actives) includes direct assaults, however, there are a lot of Hinder inducing abilities to ensnare your enemy. Leaving them defenseless while you slaughter.

  • Collaboration - Builder. Cleanses you of 1 detrimental effect.
  • Big Forty Five - Pistol Consumer. Single target damage spike.
  • Thor's Hammer - Elemental Consumer. Single target damage spike.
  • Anima Charge - Negates cost of Elemental Consumer during run time, then ends. 20sec run time. 45sec recharge duration.
  • Molten Earth - Single target immobile Hinder. 6sec run time. 20secs for magma to churn.
  • Ice Manifestation - Blizzard totem. 9sec run time, 3sec iteration trigger time. Affected targets get immobile Hinder, 2sec run time.
  • Coldwave - PBAoE. 4sec immobile Hinder.

  • Closer - 7.5% increased consumer damage.
  • Seal the Deal - Consumer triggered Consumer amplifier. 20% increased consumer damage.
  • Mad Skills - Crit triggered Crit buff. +30 Crit Rating, 8 sec run time, 5 redundant iterations limit.
  • One in the Chamber - Crit triggered damage.
  • Advantage Me - Crit triggered HoT. 3sec run time.
  • Tough Luck - Crit triggered immobile Hinder. 4sec run time. 30secs to build up jinx.
  • Running Circles - Crit triggered movement speed augment. 5sec run time.

System Modification Talisman Suggestions
  • The purpose of crits in this model is propagation of immobilization hinders. Because of this, Crit Rating should take precedence over Crit Power.
  • Higher attack rating equates to higher damage output. Higher damage output equates to faster enemy system run time termination. The immobilizing hinders will only hold your target in place for so long. The fewer iterations of the Hinder system it takes per enemy, the more you'll have for the next encounter and the briefer your intermediary battle time needs to be for optimal survival rating.

  • Primary model combat method: Maintained distance through the propagation of immobilization techniques.
  • Passives fed by Crits, "Mad Skills" provides more stable source of food.
  • Trigger "Anima Charge" prior to battle to trigger "Thor's Hammer" as combat system initiation value.
  • "Collaboration" ensures you don't fall victim to detrimental effects while maintaining direct combat systems.
  • Resources should be gained such as "Thor's Hammer" and "Big Forty Five" can be triggered consecutively. This makes the most of Seal the Deal.
  • Abrupt system modification comes as "Coldwave." Trigger if enemy has managed to make it within attack range. Combined with "Mad Skills" and general Crit Potential, there's a good possibility it will trigger "Running Circles." This combination would immobilize your enemy and increase your rate of value separation. Effectively returning you to the first equation in the run process.

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footnote(1): Above full expression of identification is interactive. Each designation will transfer you to a relevant system.
footnote(2): Model depicted above is the primary iteration of [Blood Bulwark - Inject] sustainment model.

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