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Random Ramblings

Post by Santiak on Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:06 am

The Vagrant comes from times untold,
to drink the nectar of lores of old,
and dark grow deeds and darker hearts,
the fabric burns, and finally parts.

Followed still comes here after,
the darkness follows ever faster,
and as the the Gods everafter grow cold,
the Void, unrelenting, grows bold.

The Devout pray on broken knees,
as Gods and Will hastily flees.
Now the Dark consumes the Ages,
and the Devout, helplessly rages.

The Children of the Eye and Pyramid stand aloft,
in towers that tumble oft,
the power they play and try to conceal,
forces them all to bow, and kneel.

The Chaos Cadence alone,
by the Dark is not overthrown.
And as the days grow dark and cold,
By us, the Void, remains withhold.

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