The Primary Proof

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The Primary Proof

Post by ULFRIC on Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:23 pm

The Recursive Derivation

Primary f(x) of System:
The Recursive Derivation is a Dragon Syndicate dedicated to producing results and providing data by any means necessary to the Dragon.

Guiding Formula of System:
The Recursive Derivation is a flat organization comprised of Variables. Each Variable possesses a unique personal value set. The summation of these personal sets allows the Recursive Derivation significant control over the models they build. Rather than forming equations with predictions as to what result they will produce, we claim a result and craft an equation that will manifest that result.

Primary Equations of System:
The wide range of Variables, and even wider range of values contained in their personal sets, allows the Recursive Derivation greater control over the equations it produces. Where one value was, a Variable takes its place and modifies the outcome in more defined way. Where another value was, a Variable takes its place and further modifies the outcome in an even more acute way. It is through this recursive substitution of values for Variables that we control the run time and processes of the models we execute.

Expected Variable Value Contribution:
None. Nothing beyond your existence. We encourage Variables take. Take whatever you need. Take whatever you feel will assist in the successful running of your systems and models. Information, assistance, weaponry, talismans, PaX, anything. Anything you need, as a Variable, it is yours. If it belongs to the Syndicate, it belongs to the Set. If it belongs to the Set, it is yours. However, you must always be aware. This invitation is given to all Variables in the Set. Every member of the Recursive Derivation is encouraged to take. Be aware that they will, like you, take without prejudice. Occasionally what they reach for will be a value, a specific value. One contained within your personal set and when they grab, you will provide. Without hesitation or reservation. You take all you need and give all you can. That is how the Recursive Derivation works. That is its purpose. Both sides of the equation must always equal each other.

  • SYNDICATE - a group of individuals working under a single banner for a single cause. The banner, the Recursive Derivation. The cause, the Dragon.
  • VARIABLES - the individual members of the Recursive Derivation.
  • THE SET - the member base of the Recursive Derivation.

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footnote(1): Above full expression of identification is interactive. Each designation will transfer you to a relevant system.
footnote(2): Model depicted above is the primary iteration of [Blood Bulwark - Inject] sustainment model.

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